Our events enhance the business interactions, connecting exhibitors and visitors
through an innovative virtual environment.

What is Ferias360

Ferias 360 will broaden business opportunities and relations of our customers with
their target audience through virtual events.

We take care of the planning, organizing and implementing of virtual fairs and events in a variety of areas or industries such as education, construction, tourism, fashion, among others.

Our platform is 100% online, with an attractive design which is ideal for exhibiting firms and their target audiences to make effective social and or business interactions.

Features of the Platform



3D Virtual Platform

Friendly and intuitive 3D environment, that offers our participants a virtual experience very close to reality, but with many additional functionalities and advantages.

100% compatible mobile devices

Our platform’s flexibility allows an excellent navigation experience from any mobile device: pc, tablets, laptops, cellular phones.

Text and Video Chat

Text chat is fully accessible to all participants directly in the fair’s interface. Voice and video interaction can be held through Skype, which is integrated in the platform.

Customizable booths

Exhibitors customize their own booths by using our “Booth Configurator”, an easy-to-use tool that allows them to create and customize a booth in a few steps.

High impact in business image

Booth’s structure allows exhibitors to show their information in a visually appealing way and respecting their business image, through the use of photos, videos, brochures, banners and other promotional corporate products.

Business Card

Users can interact and Exchange business cards, as well as their resume, CV or bio, benefiting from the networking opportunities provided in each event.

Virtual Bag

Users can save the business cards, brochures and products viewed during their visits to the different booths. All bag contacts and content are downlodable at any time.

Internal search engine

A keyword based search engine is integrated in the platform, where users can search for people, companies or services. Customized filters can be created.

Social network integration

Users can like or share updates through their personal social networks from within the platform. They can register to the fair using their social network accounts such as facebook, google + linkedin, and twitter.


important metrics

91% of marketing experts say that virtual events/webinars are either highly or somewhat effective as a marketing tactic. Source: Marketing Sherpa
61% of global Internet users research products online. Source: Interconnected World
72% of virtual fairs´ visitants felt confident with virtual interaction. Even more, a 15% asure they preferred it on top of the live event interaction. Source: On24

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    The opportunity to connect with universities around the world with information about their careers and their special scholarship programs.


    Connect with national and multinational companies, get the job of your dreams and start your new career.


    Dare to discover a new world, reviews the best tourist offers both inside and outside of Ecuador. Give a twist to your holiday!

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20 brochures
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